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FAQ - Most common questions

Do I have to pay tax on the electricity I sell?

No, you rent out your parking space and the use of your wallbox is included. You can then conveniently set the rental you want for your parking space and the use of your wallbox via the Sharepnp app.

As a Sharepnp host, am I an energy supplier?

No, you are not a supplier of energy. Because you don't resell your electricity, but rent your parking space and use your wallbox free of charge.

Do I have to register a business as a Sharepnp host?

Yes, it is necessary to register a small business, but this can be done in just a few steps and without a lot of bureaucracy!

P.S.: If you install solar panels on your roof, you have to register a small business anyway.


  1. Download and fill out the "Business registration" form for a small business

  2. Submit the form at the trade office and present your passport / identity card, the cost of registering a small business varies between 20 and 65 euros

  3. Registration of the trade association “BG-Verkehr”, for this you have one week after starting as a Sharepnp host

  4. In the list below you can see the explanations and answers to the questions in the company questionnaire of the “BG-Verkehr”, .

  • Since you are registering a small business, you operate your company in the legal form of a sole proprietorship. The only exception would be if you set up the small business with several natural persons, then you have to tick GbR.

  • With a small business you are not in the commercial register.

  • You first have to apply for a company number from the Federal Employment Agency as soon as you want to employ your first employee. Otherwise you do not need a company number.

  • You register the new “garage, multi-storey car park” branch of industry.

  • You answer the question about your equipment with the number of your rented “parking spaces”. 

You do not have to pay contributions for the employers' liability insurance association, you can simply get exempt from the "entrepreneur insurance"

Your small business is then registered and nothing stands in the way of your passive income via Sharepnp.


What tax charges can I expect as a Sharepnp host?

As a Sharepnp host, you have registered a small business. All you have to do is pay income tax.

Steuern Private Ladesäule

What funding can I expect when I buy an electric car and what are the conditions?

You can find out whether the vehicle of your choice is eligible for funding from the "List of eligible electric vehicles" on the BAFA website. In order to get an overview of the possible funding volume, we have also created a list for you with the possible funding volumes. You can get a more detailed overview with the help of the diagram below.


Funding for a private electric car

Förderung Elektroauto.png

Funding for a business electric car

Förderung Elektroauto Dienstlich.png

How do you apply for funding in Germany?

After you know that your dream car is one of the cars that can be subsidized, you can apply for the environmental bonus after purchasing and registering the car.

This is done in a one-step, fully electronic process on the BAFA website.


  1. Read through the "Information sheet on the procedure"

  2. Submit the application form on the "BAFA website"

  3. After submitting the application form, the PDF document can be saved

  4. The saved PDF document contains the application form and confirmation of the truthful information

  5. Print out / sign the confirmation of the truthful information and upload it to the upload portal

  6. You will then receive an email with a process number and a link to the upload portal

  7. If the check of your application is positive, you will receive the notification of the grant and the payment of the federal portion of the environmental bonus to the account specified in the application form

Funding Wallbox

Would you like to join the Sharepnp team as a Sharepnp host, but don't have a wallbox yet?

Then benefit from KfW funding for your wallbox! With this you can get a large part of your costs reimbursed.

Requirement of it is:


  1. That the electricity you use comes from 100 percent renewable energies

  2. The charging station has at least a normal charging power of 11kW

  3. Is intelligently controllable

If you meet this requirement, nothing stands in the way of subsidizing your wallbox.


Current status 01/2022: The funding has been exhausted since November 2020 - October 2021, Andreas Scheuer (Federal Minister of Transport) for the expansion of the "wallbox infrastructure": "This trend must be continued by the next federal government", subsidy: 800 million, arithmetical 900,000 charging stations

What are your advantages in driving an electric car?

  • Low running costs through tax breaks

  • Less wear than with combustion engines; Hardly any maintenance costs (e.g. no oil change)

  • Low operating costs as electricity costs less than fossil fuel

  • Environmentally friendly driving as there are no local CO2 emissions

  • Low-noise driving for a better quality of life in cities

You don't believe us convince yourself!

What are my tax advantages if I drive an electric car?

If you own an electric car, or are you considering getting an electric car that will be registered for the first time between May 18, 2011 and December 31, 2025, you will benefit from the following:


  1. A vehicle tax exemption of up to 10 years, this then applies until December 31, 2030.

  2. After the 10 years, or possibly from January 1, 2031, you only have to pay 50 percent of the vehicle tax.

  3. The same applies to you if you have retrofitted your vehicle with an electronic drive. According to the registration authorities, the day of the conversion of your car must be between May 18, 2016 and December 31, 2025

Example Income-Calculation for your as a host:

In our initial business model, we will set parking fees based on the maximum charging speed. In this way, the vehicle owner is required to remove the vehicle from the parking space after the agreed charging time and the parking space owner does not incure any opportunity costs.

In the next stage of expansion, networking with the attached charging stations is being considered in order to ensure more accurate billing. Since the sale of the charging option will be declared as an ancillary service, we will also reduce the bureaucratic effort for our hosts.

Electricity purchasing price          0,30 € 
Hourly rate for 11 kW charging     5,50 € 
Occupancy rate (%)                         20%


11 kW Wallbox                            Availability 40 h/week               Availability 100 %     
Possible earnings (€/h)                            1,87 €                                         1,87 €*
Possible earnings (€/a)                            779 €                                         7.025 €*
Parking only                
Possible earnings (€/h)                           1,50 €                                       1,50 €*
Possible earnings (€/a)                            624 €                                        2.630 €*
*Possible earnings depend on location and possibility to leverage renewable energy such as PV.
In this calculation the possitive effect from installed PV modules is not considered and will increase the earnings (roughly +25%).                


It is  obvious that as a SharePnP host you will not become a millionaire and the income should not be your first motivation either - only if we support each other can we make the switch to e-mobility more pleasant and accelerate it for everyone! 


All information is provided without guarantee and may be out of date.


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