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About Sharepnp

Easily share private charging stations and enhance your electric mobility experience with Sharepnp, the intuitive P2P app for wallbox sharing. Our community makes electric mobility more accessible.

What is this app?
This app is a Progressive Web App (short: PWA). Our app can be installed on any smartphone or desktop computer - and it takes up very little storage space! Our PWA cannot access your device data or personal information. You need to install the page as a shortcut on your home screen. The steps are explained on some screenshots when you open the app first time. 

Beta Version

A good app must be sufficiently tested beforehand. And not by the developers, but by you - the users of the app. You can already use the app in the beta version for this. For free!

In return, we need your feedback, bug reports and suggestions for improvement. It goes without saying that the current beta version has no claim to completeness and perfection. Only the essential functions should be provided with the beta app. And needles to say, we ask you to be patient since it takes some time until we have a certain amount of users (especially hosts) on the platform to provide you a tengible value out of this. After a minimum of 3 months test flight with the beta version, the app will also be available for iOS and Android.

Thank you for your support and nice to have you with us!

And now, have fun!

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