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What is Sharepnp?

The Sharepnp Platform connects Electric vehicle drivers with private charging "Stations" in a few clicks. With this platform, we want to make it possible to travel by electric car in rural areas and holiday regions where the public charging infrastructure is not yet sufficiently developed.

"It's still too early to drive an electric car, there are barly any public charging stations" - This is the most common reason why we don't switch to electric mobility. But actually we don't need any public charging stations. We just have to use the opportunities that are already available. Almost all private charging options are not being used during a day.

So what do we need for this? 2 things - A Wallbox and the Sharepnp App.

We cannot wait for a fully developed charging infrastructure, let's take it into our own hands and create a self-organized charging infrastructure.

What is Sharepnp?

As a Host

It doesn't matter if you drive an electric car. You can make your unused parking space or wallbox available to share with your neighborhood or friends. You define the price, available time slots and you can determine your circle of guests with Sharepnp Groups (see below).

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As a User

Do you like driving an electric car, but don't want to worry about whether your battery will last to your destination and don't feel like long queues at public charging stations?

With the Sharepnp app, we want to give you a pleasant, stress-free and interesting journey, even in rural areas.

Sharepnp Groups

You want to keep your Sharepnp charging & parking spot accessible only for a certain group or community? You can!

Create or join individual and exclusive Sharepnp Groups to declare your charging & parking spot exclusively for the community of your choice. Only members of these groups are able to send you (as a host) a booking request.

Sharepnp Groups
Sharepnp Chat

Get easily in touch with the host through the Chat function to arrange your appointment and payment.

Sharepnp Feed

The Sharepnp Feed provides you with news about electromobility, state subsidies and interesting articles..

Sharepnp Booking

User-friendly Booking process with printable booking receipts for your tax declaration.

FAQ - Most common questions

You have doubts? Isn't everything too bureaucratic in Germany anyway?

Then take a look at our overview with all information such as:


  • As a Sharepnp host, am I an energy supplier?

  • Do I have to pay tax on the electricity I sell?

  • Do I have to register a business as a Sharepnp host?

  • What tax charges can I expect as a Sharepnp host?

  • What subsidies can I expect when I buy an electric car and what are the conditions?

  • Is your dream car eligible for funding?

  • How do you apply for funding?

  • What are your advantages in driving an electric car?

Abou us


Sharepnp has its origins in Siemens Energy, where it was selected as the best idea by ExoWorks ( as part of a 10-week Innovation Sprint. We won funding and decided to develop the idea further and put it into practice.

Although the activities within Siemens Energy were discontinued for strategic reasons, we decided to continue the project as an independent startup. We strongly believe that Sharepnp is a solution 

that is needed to enable electromobility for everyone  while also empowering the better together.

We are working hard to get Sharepnp to market as soon as possible and look forward to giving you the opportunity to share your wallbox and parking spaces with others while relieving the energy grid. We thank you for your interest in our startup and look forward to welcoming you to the platform.

We are grateful for the support of Siemens Energy, the colleagues who contributed and the Exo Coaches from OpenExo who helped us develop and and validate the idea.

"Last year I was on vacation in Greece. We traveled to different places on the mainland by car. I have not seen a single charging station within the 2 weeks.

However, every 500m a gas station. Electric car drivers obviously have a hard time in such beautiful regions. My dream is travelling one day to countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain etc. - with an electric campervan.

But I need charging options for that. And with Sharepnp, this dream can become reality!"

- Philipp Baum, Founder Sharepnp

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